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Retail Stores


Your business, regardless of your type of retail, relies on the clients you assist every day. One negative event could have catastrophic consequences for your business, which is why it's so important to guard yourself against that risk. Depending on your individual line of business, you may have specific insurance needs. We'll work directly with you to analyze your risks and develop a plan to mitigate them.


General Liability Insurance


Retail stores often feature heavy foot traffic, which increases the potential for bodily injury and damages from accidents. Protect your business from a claim of negligence with general liability insurance.


Business Income Coverage


If you are forced to stop working as a result of a covered loss, your will protect your business income during that time.


Medical Payments Coverage


If  a party is injured on your premises, medical payments coverage will assist with healthcare costs associated with that injury. In the event of a sudden and expensive claim, medical payments can allow you to keep your business afloat.


Business Property Coverage


If a fire occurs or a pipe bursts, damaging your property and the contents inside, this coverage will protect your losses. This coverage typically also covers any damage to outdoor signs as well.