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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

1. Independent insurance agencies offer an outstanding level of service

Calling an independent insurance agency is typically more convenient than calling an insurance company. The wait times to speak with an agent are shorter, the service is more personalized, insurance agencies can provide multiple quotes, insurance agencies also have extensive experience and understanding of insurance policies, and agents are always available – almost immediately – to respond to any questions you may have about business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, life insurance or health insurance.

2. Choosing an independent insurance agency can save you time and money

Independent insurance agencies work with multiple insurance carriers and shop for insurance on your behalf; taking the time to obtain quotes from top-rated insurance companies with the best insurance coverages at the best rates.

3. Independent insurance agencies take the time to evaluate your insurance needs to provide a more personalized service

Independent insurance agents do not just listen to the service you ask for, but instead, they explore what your insurance needs are. It is common for people to search for the cheapest insurance on Google, we advise that in the process of looking for an insurance policy, that your final decision is not driven by the lowest price but by the best coverages at the best rate.

4. You can receive and compare insurance quotes with an independent insurance agency

Independent insurance agents take the time to process multiple quotes and present the best coverages and rates for you to compare; giving you the opportunity to take the time to understand the coverages and make sure that the insurance quote fits your needs before making a purchase.

5. Independent insurance agencies offer free advice regardless of the type of insurance that you currently have or need.

Calling an independent insurance agency for advice or support can give you peace of mind. Independent insurance agents look forward to the opportunities of helping people find the right type of insurance and answer any questions about home insurance, car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, commercial property, bonds, Workers' Comp Insurance, or any other type of insurance questions that are pertinent to your industry, need or hobby. Consider choosing an independent insurance agency; you will notice the difference.