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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance. It is intended to help protect you against major claims and lawsuits. For this reason, it helps protect your personal assets and your future. It does this in two ways:

  1. Umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto, and boat insurance policies. This protection begins when the liability covered by these policies has been exhausted.

  2. Umbrella insurance provides coverage for claims that may not be included by other liability policies. Some examples of these policies include false arrest, libel, slander, and liability coverage on rental units you own.


What Umbrella Insurance Covers


Umbrella insurance provides coverage for injuries, property, certain lawsuits, and other personal liability situations. Umbrella insurance covers you beyond the limits of the policies named above. It also covers some situations not covered by other types of policies.

These examples of umbrella policy coverage provide more information on how they protect you:

Bodily Injury Liability – This covers the cost of damages to another person's body. These examples include the cost of medical expenses and/or liability claims due to:


  • Injuries to other parties caused by a serious auto accident that is your fault

  • Injuries or other harm caused by your dog

  • Injuries to a house guest caused by a fall

  • Injuries to a neighbor's child who falls in your home or yard


Property Damage Liability – This covers the cost of damage or loss to another person's tangible property. These examples include the cost associated with:


  • Damage to vehicles or other property caused by an auto accident that is your fault

  • Damage claims caused by your dog or other pet

  • Accidental damage your child causes to school property


Owners of Rental Units – This helps protect you against liability you may face as a landlord. These examples include the cost of liability claims caused by:


  • Someone who trips while on your rental property and sues you for damages

  • Injuries caused by your tenant's dog where you are held responsible


Coverage is also provided should you be sued for:


  • Slander - An injurious spoken statement

  • Libel - An injurious written statement

  • False arrest, detention or imprisonment

  • Malicious prosecution

  • Shock or mental anguish

  • Other personal liability situations.