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Landlord Insurance

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There are many variables to determining a custom quote for dwelling fire coverage:

Most homeowners know about, and almost certainly have, the benefits and basic coverage provided by a homeowners policy. However, there's another type of insurance coverage available for residential homes that far fewer homeowners know about. It's called dwelling insurance, and it's very different than the traditional and more familiar homeowner's policy.


What is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

Fire dwelling insurance protects all listed dwellings on your property, including your house, garage, or other structures, from certain types of damage. Losses covered by fire dwelling insurance typically cover not only fire, but collapse, explosion, hail, lightning strike, smoke, vandalism, and wind damage. One key advantage of fire dwelling insurance is that it fully covers properties rented to others. If you own a rental property, you may find that many homeowners' insurance policies will not cover damage to a home if you do not live in it. In addition to stand-alone dwelling insurance, some companies sell Landlords Dwelling Insurance. This type of policy protects the landlord for loss of income caused by damages to the house. Other companies sell types specifically for vacant dwellings.