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Motorcycle Insurance

Most recreational toys and non-essential transportation vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles, RV's, etc . fall under a different category of Automotive Insurance than typical passenger cars and motorcycles. However, because motorcycles are street legal, they interact on the road with full-sized vehicles at high rates of speed. Therefore, motorcycles present much larger risks to your personal property and to personal physical injury. If you own or ride a motorcycle, you must carry special Motorcycle Insurance to cover damages caused to, and by the use of, these vehicles. Most importantly, motorcycle riders must protect themselves! Call our insurance experts to ask how.


Motorcycle riders face unique hazards on the road. Not only are damage and replacement costs much different for motorcycles than passenger cars, the accident and personal injury risks are much greater. Those factors are very important in determining what is proper coverage by your Motorcycle Insurance policy. Professional insurance agents can help you to make this assessment.

Special coverage for motorcycles and their riders is imperative! Although regulations in each state will vary on the minimum requirements for insurance coverage, you should be sure to protect yourself fully by purchasing adequate Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist coverage. Make sure medical bills and repair costs will be fully covered for both yourself and other drivers, with sufficient Comprehensive and Collision Insurance. Also, if your ride has Custom Parts and Accessories, you'll want to add extra protection for these special replacement costs, should your bike sustain any damage in an accident. Consult our experts to find out more.