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In the restaurant business, insurance can protect your business in the event of a multitude of problems. Many restaurants are also required to obtain specific types of insurance per the requirements of a bank loan or as a result of laws within their individual state. Going without insurance is incredibly risky with a restaurant since the damages or losses from one lawsuit can have a dramatic impact on your profits. Thankfully, there are several different types of insurance that will give you the peace of mind to manage your restaurant knowing that you will not have to suffer catastrophic losses.


Common Types of Insurance For Restaurants


Automotive Liability


If your company regularly works with the vehicle, automotive liability is a special type of insurance for this need. Check with your agent first about whether automobile liability incidents are covered under your general liability policy.


Workers’ Compensation

The majority of states require that restaurants maintain workers compensation in the event of injuries incurred as a result of normal work activities.


Property Insurance


A sudden fire in a restaurant could destroy assets immediately. Particularly if you have a mortgage on the business or the business equipment, property insurance is necessary.


General Liability


A general liability policy is also known as umbrella coverage since it provides you with a number of liability possibilities. This includes claims of food poisoning or in the event that an individual was injured on the premises.


Liquor Liability


Although most states already require that restaurants maintain an active liquor license, liability coverage protects you from the injuries or damage caused by a person who has had too much alcohol.