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In your business, you'll interact with numerous customers on a weekly basis, and it's important that you're protected against the risks of working with so many clients. Managing your own hotel experience is an exciting entrepreneurial venture, but there are also many responsibilities involved. Free yourself from worries about what will happen in the event of an unfortunate incident, protect yourself and your business from exposure to high risks.


Business Owner's Policy

In a business owner's policy, the physical structures of your hotel or motel are protected from loss. Business owner's policies generally include liability protection, too, in case you are named in a claim of property damage or bodily injury from a hotel customer.


Business Income Coverage


If you suffered a covered loss, would your business be able to continue operating? A business income policy will pay for continuing expenses (like the mortgage on the building) or replace net income in this scenario.


Employee Practices Liability Insurance

Your employees are important to keep your business running smoothly, and it's critical to protect yourself against claims of wrongful termination or discrimination. Don't let a claim like this destroy the venture you have worked so hard to build.


Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Sudden damage or faulty machinery can generate problems for a hotel owner, which is why equipment breakdown insurance assists you if a power surge destroys your computer equipment, if your electrical system crashes, or if one of your employees damages a critical machine.