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Gas Stations & Convenience Stores 


Owning a gas station can be a lucrative investment in an exciting opportunity to manage your own business. The majority of American homes have at least one car, with many owning two or more. Gas stations will always be in demand so long as there is a large driving population.

Due to the heavy traffic that many gas stations experience, considering your insurance options is an important decision. Don't risk losing your business and the income you receive from as a result of a loss. Fully evaluate your commercial insurance needs today.


General Liability Coverage


General liability is typically an umbrella policy to guard you against claims resulting from injuries or damages occurring on your property.


Business Owners Coverage


It's a wise investment to consider a business owners policy when you manage a service station. A business owners policy and protect you against equipment breakdown, that damage the contents of your building or the physical structure itself, the loss of electronic data, the damage to your gas station equipment that results in lost business income, and employee dishonesty protection. Maintaining a comprehensive policy will give you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your business has been protected against the majority of perils.


Workers’ Compensation Coverage


If an employee alleges injuries that occurred during the course of their regular work. Your business could face sudden and unexpected losses as a result of a costly workers’ compensation claim. Protect yourself and your business against these claims with insurance.