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Funeral Homes


Funeral homes provide an important service to families in a time of grief, but unfortunately, funeral homes also are affected by the risks of running a business. With a heavy traffic flow in and out of the buildings of the home itself, there is great potential for accidents and injuries. Insurance protection can help to reduce your risk and give you the confidence to operate your business and focus on helping your clients.


Business Income Coverage

If you experience a covered loss, business income coverage will help you recoup your losses.


Business Property/Outdoor Sign Coverage

The contents of your building will be covered if there is a fire or other type of covered loss.


General Liability Coverage

Many individuals will visit your property when working with a funeral home, increasing the chances of accidents and claims of bodily injury. General liability coverage will help you in the event that someone alleges damages or bodily injury as a result of your negligence.


Equipment Breakdown Coverage

If your equipment suddenly stops working due to malfunction or operator error, it can dramatically disrupt your flow of business and your ability to service customers. Protect your equipment with breakdown insurance to limit your risk.