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Since schools are regularly working with large populations to achieve goals, several different types of insurance are needed within a school. Some insurance types will be mandated by a particular district or state, with other options that can be chosen on a voluntary basis, but all schools should evaluate their risks before determining an appropriate insurance portfolio.


Common Types of Insurance For Schools


Workers’ Compensation Coverage


The majority of state laws stipulate that workers’ compensation insurance must be provided by all employers. In the event of a claim regarding an employee was injured while on the job, workers compensation insurance can help to protect your interests.


Medical Liability Insurance


If the school employs physicians or nurses to assist with the immediate medical needs of students or staff, medical liability insurance is critical, particularly when these individuals administer medication on a regular basis.


Automobile Liability Insurance


If the school maintains vehicles used for the transportation of students for educational purposes, automobile liability insurance is necessary.


Commercial Property Insurance


This type of insurance kicks in to protect you against damage from lightning, fire, windstorms, or other kinds of covered perils.


General Liability Coverage


With so many people passing in and out of the doors of the school on a daily basis, general liability coverage is absolutely vital for a school. Volunteers can also be included on this policy, which protects you against wrongful acts, the negligence of employees, omissions, or other actions that lead to bodily injury or property damage.