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Insuring a church is very similar to the process for insuring a business, although churches are generally organized differently from a traditional business. Churches are generally governed by a group of volunteers or a board. It’s recommended that a church work directly with a local agent to help identify all of their possible risks. There are several nationwide church insurers that specialize in the particular needs of churches and religious organizations.


Common Insurance Needs For Churches


Property Insurance


Property insurance will provide critical protection in the event of loss or damage to property that the church uses regularly.


Professional Liability Acts or Errors and Omissions Coverage


Clergy members are unfortunately just as likely as other professionals to experience litigation or claims regarding their professional services.


Liability Insurance


If another person is injured as a result of the church, liability insurance is the vital protection for the church.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Most states require that businesses and organizations maintain this coverage to protect them in the event of a workers’ compensation claim. It is recommended for every church.


Business Auto Insurance


If the church regularly uses particular vehicles for the purposes of the congregation or church staff, business auto insurance is an important component of the overall insurance plan.