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Auto & Truck Dealers


As a car dealer, you work hard to make sure that your customers are being matched to the vehicle that's perfect for them. With a heavy flow of foot and vehicle traffic on your property, it's critical to set up a plan for liability insurance as well as other coverage that can protect you in the event of a major claim. Don't let a claim stall or damage your business operations and learn how to mitigate your insurance risks today.


Business Owner's Policy


Standard coverage inside a business owner's policy includes general liability and business equipment insurance, which can go a long way towards protecting your interests and guarding you against expensive claims.


Errors and Omissions Coverage


The process of buying and selling cars is filled with critical decisions and filling out paperwork. Mistakes do happen and can generate losses for your customer, leading to a claim of negligence. Keep your business safe with errors and omissions coverage for this situation.


Employee Practices Liability Insurance


A discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination case can really hurt your operations. Purchase an employee practices liability policy to protect your business.


Employee Dishonesty Coverage


In an ideal world, every employee would be honest and driven by ethics, but unfortunately that isn't the case. Guard your company against theft by employees with employee dishonesty coverage.