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Condo Insurance in Texas

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Your condo's common assets are covered. Your personal assets are not.

Condominium Insurance coverage differs from a Homeowners Insurance policy in many ways. Consider this: condominiums often share walls, roofs, and other common grounds. Homeowners Associations  have the responsibility to collect dues from its members and to purchase insurance policies that cover these common areas. The insurance policy purchased by your homeowners association may or may not cover the fixtures and other items within the four walls of your unit.

However, your personal contents are likely not covered. You will need to analyze your particular Homeowners Association's policy to assess what repairs you will be liable for, should damage occur to your condo unit. Also, be sure to note what coverage exists for any upgrades and improvements you make to your condominium. Our insurance professionals can assist you in determining exactly what protection you need.

You can be responsible for damage to your neighbors.
In many cases, individual condominium owners will be liable for damage caused within their own unit due to flood, fire or accidents attributed to owner negligence. If an accident in your condo causes damage to your neighbors' units, you will be held responsible for repair and replacement costs.

Another consideration is whether the location of your home subjects you to a greater risk of wind or flood damage. You may want to add such supplemental coverage to safeguard you from incidents that are not included in basic Condominium Insurance policies. Our knowledgeable agents are able to help you decide what factors you should consider when purchasing your Condominium Insurance policy.


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